Selected Publications

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*Joint first authors

Sheppard C.E., Inger R., McDonald R.A., Barker S., Jackson A.J., Thompson F.J., Vitikainen E.I.K., Cant M.A. and Marshall H.H. (2018) Intragroup competition predicts individual foraging specialisation in a group‐living mammal. Ecology Letters 21, 665-673. [doi]

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Marshall H.H., Sanderson J.L., Mwanguhya F., Businge R., Kyabulima S., Hares M.C., Inzani E., Kalema-Zikusoka G., Mwesige K., Thompson F.J., Vitikainen E.I.K. and Cant M.A. (2016). Variable ecological conditions promote male helping by changing banded mongoose group composition. Behavioral Ecology 27, 978-987. [doi]

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